Get the best use – Enhance your systems performance

Here are a few tips and tricks, that every household should do to keep their system generating better, for longer.

·         Monitor performance.
Monitor your system and performance via wifi to ensure you are getting the complete potential of your solar system.

·         Monitor your panels.
It is not crucial for you to monitor your inverter display every day, however, it is important to occasionally audit your system. This is to ensure it is functioning properly. See the user’s guide for more information.

·         Keep them clean. 
Dirt, dust and bird droppings can affect sunlight from reaching the solar cells on your solar panel. In fact, according to the National Renewable Energy laboratory, the loss on your solar panels can range as high as 25%.

·         Use your appliances during the day.
Use your rigorous appliances during the day as your solar panel will generate the most power while the sun is shining. This includes white goods such as dishwasher, washing machine, clothes drier and fridge etc. Charging your digital devices during the day will be using solar power to your full advantage. Check our user guide for more information.